Should I quit sugar and what can I eat instead?


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In this episode of The Love Destination Expert Series, the Travelling Dietitian Kara Landau answers the question “Should I quit sugar?” and takes us through the other sugar free alternatives available.

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Watch the episode below and scroll down for more of Kara’s tips.

Here are Kara’s additional tips the cutting down on sugar and the sugar free alternatives to use:


1. Sugar is naturally occurring in some insanely healthy foods such as most fruits and vegetables.

2. We need to focus on reducing the added sugars in our diets, and this includes dates, honey, rice malt syrup; but we also need to look at where this sugar fits within a meal or our whole diet.

3. A teaspoon of honey used in a dressing to enhance the appeal of a nourishing salad isn’t something to be concerned about, a bliss ball made of basically date, dried fruit and honey on the other hand is not acting as a vehicle for a variety of other beneficial nutrients and therefore isn’t as ideal.

4. There are a number of sugar free alternatives that are also available:

5. Old school sweeteners such as sucralose “splenda” or aspartame “equal” may have negative effects on our health and are best avoided.

6. Selecting natural sugar alternatives such as stevia, erythritol, xylitol, monk fruit extract, or even prebiotic fibre sweeteners made of isomolto-oligosaccharides, fructo-oligosaccharides are great alternatives.

About the Author

Kara Landau, ‘Travelling Dietitian’ provides enlightening, practical and engaging nutritionally focused content in an interactive manner to promote healthy eating in a modern format to the global population.

Kara is a progressive, pragmatic and infectiously passionate dietitian who assists with new healthy product development, acts as a spokesperson for food brands, and has appeared on a range of broadcast media, including: A Current Affairs, Channel 7 News, Channel 9 News, Channel 10 news, Today Tonight, NovaFM and International Radio. She has also been quoted as an expert source in numerous publications such as: Body+Soul, Yahoo7, NineMSN, The Love Destination and more.

Kara is an expert on The Love Destination Expert Series airing on The Love Destination.