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Understanding Your Attachment Style And How It Affects Your Relationship

In this episode of The Love Destination Expert Series, The Intuitive Psychologist Jacquie Christie discusses attachment styles and how your attachment styles can affect your relationship.

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GENRES: Lifestyle, Talk Show

DIRECTED AND PRODUCED BY: Katia Loisel, Natasha Ferré

Jacqui Christie is the Director and principal psychologist of EmPowerMe Health and Wellbeing Practice. Jacqui is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and holds a Masters in Counselling Psychology. She holds full membership of both the Australian Psychological Society and the College of Counselling Psychologists. Working with individuals for nearly twenty years, Jacqui has assisted men in the area of men’s health, women and men in the areas of empowerment and assertiveness, and couples dealing with parenting and relationship issues.

Jacqui is a trained group facilitator and clinical hypnotherapist, with specialisations in family violence, trauma, anger management, anxiety and depression. Recently Jacqui has become an accredited PACT couple therapist to enable couples to understand the origins of their conflict and how this behaviour impacts on their relationship.

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