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Stuck On The Fence – Too Good To Leave Too Bad To Stay

In this episode of The Love Destination Expert Series, Intuitive Body Wisdom Expert Deb Lange discusses the dilemma of being stuck on the fence, when a relationship seems too good to leave but too bad to stay. How do you know if you should you break up, get a divorce, or give the relationship another try?

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Deb Lange is an award Winning Mentor, Best Selling Co-Author and Lifelong Educator. She has dedicated her life to understanding how to facilitate human potential, well being and co-creating cultures where people thrive.

Her passion has taken me to all corners of the globe to learn from both ancient and new wisdom. She has had my body painted by the Himba people in Namibia; connected with nature with the bush men in the Kalahari; danced with street kids in Soweto to say no to sexual abuse; was inspired by world class violinists and artists in Slovenia; walked a song line in Australia with indigenous people; whispered with horses in Colorado and so much more.

She holds a Masters Degree in Social Ecology, Business Degrees in Human Resource Development and Graduate Diplomas in Education, Learning, the Arts and Language. She has also mastered numerous disciplines; Equine Facilitated Learning, InterPlay a Body Wisdom practice, her own pratice, Intuitive Body Wisdom.

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