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Why Limitations Aren’t Real. They’re Created In Your Mind

Our brains can't tell the difference between reality and lie. Limitations aren't real, we create them. Tell yourself that life sucks, you have nothing to say and no one will ever love you and soon enough you'll believe it.

Our beliefs shape our reality and can repel or attract opportunities, love and connection. But we have a choice as Founder of Running Divas and EK Life Erica King reveals in this episode of The Love Destination Expert Series.

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The Love Destination Expert Series is a TV show that brings the world’s best experts and coaches to your fingertips. Prepare to be entertained, inspired and empowered as experts in their field answer all your questions about love, dating and relationships, parenting, health, wellbeing, fitness and lifestyle.

GENRES: Lifestyle, Talk Show

DIRECTED AND PRODUCED BY: Katia Loisel, Natasha Ferré

Erica King is a Registered Fitness Professional and Sports Nutrition Consultant, successful Business Consultant; entrepreneur; passionate marathon runner; women’s run coach and mentor who actively chooses to live everyday with joy.

Founder of Running Divas Australia, Erica has run 21 Marathons all over the world and coached hundred’s of women to truly know that anything is possible.

Founder of EK Life, Erica is in a transition time of her life and EK Life provides a platform for a shared personal journey for all women 40 plus.
This is an opportunity to have fun, feel amazing and be in the best place possible for this phase in life.

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