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How The Mind Influences Mood And Behaviour

In this episode of The Love Destination Expert Series, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Wellbeing specialist Lisa Hodgson discusses the link between your mind, mood, behaviour and emotions.


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Lisa is very passionate about the capacity for improvement, change and self efficacy within every person, regardless of age or circumstances. Lisa is interested in enabling change beyond the confines of the therapy room. The ways in which we can experience micro-moments of wellness in our day and improve our happiness and fulfilment despite our hectic lives. Also through personal development tools using digital technology.

With over 10 year’s experience in the UK Education and Community Sector Lisa has been involved in a wide range of individual, group and community projects. Lisa has been responsible for the development and management of a UK government Sure Start program. Responsibilities included strategic planning, community engagement and service delivery.

Lisa is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Wellbeing specialist; she is also the founder of Mind Solace. Lisa is an enthusiastic and committed practitioner but also provides strategic advice and support to achieve a cohesive health and wellbeing program that feels good to its participants and contributes to a sense of togetherness.

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