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Does Wealth Lead To Greater Happiness?

In this episode of The Love Destination Expert Series, Clinical Psychologist and Author Aleks George Srbinoski answers the question, “does money make you happy?”


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Aleks George Srbinoski is a #1 bestselling author, speaker and multidisciplinary psychologist, organisational trainer and speaker focusing on mental health,success, happiness and entrepreneurship.

Previous bestsellers include "Destiny Defining Decisions" where he interviewed leading entrepreneurs from around the world with a net value of over $300 million and asked them "What was the best life changing decision they have ever made?", "Happiness Up Stress Down," involving a 2 week 2 minutes a day happiness challenge that has been transforming the happiness levels of organizations and schools and his latest and most successful book is titled "Maximum Mental Health", a life enhancement manual covering every core area of life that not only teaches people how to overcome stress, anxiety and depression but also offers key self-improvement strategies for happier and healthier living.

He has previously created his own self-development TV show that was broadcast on Foxtel and often contributes to media and popular magazines in Australia and abroad in matters related to business and psychology. In the past he has been a key opinion leader and happiness expert for Vodafone's World of Difference Campaign, been a guest on major radio stations in New York, Chicago and California and offered a bi-weekly segment on happiness tips and training for the #1 news radio station in Chicago USA.

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