What’s Not To Love? 4 Things That Make You Truly Incredible


What's Not To Love! 4 Things That Make You Truly Incredible By Kim Forrester
Next time you are feeling overlooked or under-appreciated, remember these four reasons for you to celebrate who you truly are. Photo Source: Dollar Photo Club
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What’s Not To Love? 4 Things That Make You Truly Incredible

We live in a world where your self-worth can so easily be hijacked by external feedback: the number of followers on your Instagram; the score on your exam paper; whether you got left- or right-swiped on Tinder. But the truth is that, just by being alive, you are an incredible, amazing and spectacularly loveable work of natural art. Next time you are feeling overlooked or under-appreciated, remember these four incredible facts; four reasons for you to celebrate who you truly are – a vital, precious and truly incredible part of this world!

1. You are made of stardust

Every single part of your body is made up of atoms that exploded out at the creation of the universe billions of years ago. Many of those atoms have already been stars, or planets, or meteors and have now come together to form your magnificent body. So the same beauty that you see in the stars, or the moon, or the mountains, resides inside the cells of your very own body. You are not just in the universe; you ARE the universe!

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2. Your thoughts influence the whole world

Since the 1990’s a team of researchers at Princeton University have been studying the effects of an apparent ‘global mind’ and have turned up some remarkable results. Whenever a global event happens and billions of people are tuned in (such as Hurricane Sandy or the opening of the Olympics) something incredible happens – the influence of our combined thoughts actually changes the electromagnetic field of the Earth! You are incredibly powerful; your thoughts and your intentions are affecting the physical world around you.

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3. Your happiness helps others

Researchers Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler conducted an extensive survey and discovered that happiness is contagious. If you are happy, your friends are more likely to be happy, and your friend’s friends … and your friend’s friend’s friends! Truly. Happiness spreads through your social circle like ripples and increases the overall wellbeing of people you may never meet. Simply by choosing to do things that make you happy, you can help heal the world.

4. You are a fascinating mystery

There is much about you that science can’t yet explain. In fact, just by being alive, you are one of the deepest, most exquisite mysteries this world will ever know. For instance, even though you appear to be solid, 99% of you is actually “empty space”; 98% of your DNA is largely unexplored and 90% of your brain is a complete mystery. What’s more, modern cosmologists can only explain around 4% of what makes up the universe – the same stuff that is in you, on you and of you. Even in our modern times, most of what you are and what you are capable of is still completely unknown, untapped and unimaginable. Way to go, you!

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About the Author

Kim Forrester is an intuitive consultant, writer and educator with 15 years’ experience as a professional intuitive and spiritual teacher. Her work involves blending real, measurable and factual scientific findings with traditional understandings to provide spiritual education that makes sense in the modern day.

She is a regular contributor to, writes for a multitude of publications around the world and has appeared on broadcast media in Australia and New Zealand. She is soon to launch her first book; a scientific exploration of real-life psychic insights and inspiration.

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