Are You Stuck In A Rut? Your Life Is A Photocopier


Your life is a photocopier by Lisa Phillips
We have probably all heard that old adage that life is like a mirror, or what you put into life you get back. Photo Source: Dollar Photo Club
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Are You Stuck In A Rut?

I wanted to take this opportunity to help you look at your life with a fresh pair of eyes.

As an experienced confidence and life coach, one of the main issues I come across with clients, is their own lack of belief in themselves. This can manifest in any area of our lives, whether it is emotional, personal, financial or business.   So in order to understand this a little more, lets start to think of your life like a photocopying machine. You know, that big blob of white machinery in the corner of the office which always gets a paper jam when it is your turn.

We have probably all heard that old adage that life is like a mirror, or what you put into life you get back.  

So… lets liken this to the workings of a photocopier – in that whatever you put into the input tray, you get a mirror image or copy of in the output tray. The truth is that this is exactly how your life works in that whatever you believe about yourself or think about yourself on the inside, you will just create a copy or mirror image on the outside in your actual external life.

For example:

If you are carrying around negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself such as ‘It will be difficult for you to make your business a success’ or ‘Money will always be a struggle’ all that you are actually creating is a copy or mirror image of these beliefs in your external world. Therefore, all you will experience in your reality is experiences and people who mirror this belief.   If you have a negative belief that you ‘ haven’t got the time or energy to deal with those important administration tasks, then again, this belief is simply mirrored back to you and in reality, you will just find more and more examples of when you don’t have any time!

This ‘ photocopier’ is at play in all areas of your life be it your relationships, career or money!

It has been said that the ‘definition of insanity is doing the same thing every day and expecting a different result’ so if you are experiencing the same repetitive problems in your life, then it is time to change what beliefs and thoughts you are feeding into your personal life photocopier.

The good news is that you can easily do this, just by consciously changing what you are putting in your life photocopier.

Try these simple tips:

1) Take a few minutes to reflect of the key issues you are encountering in your life. Is it a lack of clients or cash? Is it that you don’t feel good enough or valued by others?   If so, take a few minutes to identify the negative beliefs you could be unconsciously feeding into your life photocopier.

2) Choose new beliefs and thoughts to feed into your in tray. Here are a few examples:

‘Wouldn’t it be nice if new clients came to me easily and effortlessly’ or ‘ I am willing to start valuing myself more’.

It’s important that your new thoughts feel good to you so don’t over stretch yourself by choosing thoughts that make your feel uncomfortable.

I know this sound simple but give it a go and watch your outer world change. Remember, if you want things to change, you have to start with yourself.

About the Author

With over 15 years’ experience, Lisa Phillips is a certified and experienced Confidence and Life Coach .

Lisa’s work as a coach is regularly featured on TV, Radio and in print. She has her own confidence coaching in the UK press and her new book ‘The Confidence Coach’ was released in July 2015 (Exisle Publishing –

She is also a regular on the speaking circuit and regularly runs workshop for Universities, business and personal clients on topics of self-empowerment and confidence.

In 2015, Lisa was nominated by the International Coaching Federation NSW for ‘ Coach of the Year’ and was also Bronze Stevie Award winner in 2015 for ‘ Coach or Mentor of the Year’

In both 2014 and 2015, she was a Bronze Stevie Award winner for her work assisting people with Confidence.
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