Philip S Hunt is a Author, Speaker, Facilitator & Therapist


Philip S Hunt is a Author, Speaker, Facilitator & Therapist who has helped thousands of people throughout the world making the emotional transition through divorce and separation. Having been through the change himself and maintaining a great relationship with both his ex-spouse and his children, Phil can show you how to deal with the sometimes overwhelming change in your life.

Being a father of three amazing children to his first wife, Phil understands the emotional upheaval that occurs whilst going through separation and divorce on a personal level for everyone involved. He can guide you through the steps to maintaining a relationship with the mother/father of your children and significantly reduce the amount of psychological suffering experienced by you and your children through this transitional period.

Whilst this was a very traumatic time in Phil’s life, it was also a period of transformation and incredible growth. He learnt many life lessons along the way and will share his experiences and unique insights with you to ensure the best possible outcome can be achieved for you and your children.

Phil has an extensive background that combines modern behavioural psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, coaching, personality traits, advanced communication and intuition with insightful, no-nonsense, real world wisdom and advice, which enlightens and supports clients to master their emotions and transform themselves and their relationships.