Gaby Company is a Specialist Mindset Coach, International Speaker, Personal Trainer, Mentor, Director of the International Success Blueprint.  She is an Author of the 7 Outstanding Secrets to Weight Loss (English Version) and 7 Excepcionales Secretos para Bajar de Peso (Spanish Version).

This book is helping people from all over the World to have Healthy Life, Mind and Body focusing in Mindset Strategies. This book has proven ideas that Gaby Company has applied for her clients.

Gaby is also the host of a weekly Tv Show on the Internet called: The Dreaming Show. This Program is produced by the International Success Blueprint.  She interviews different Personalities that overcame challenges in their Lives to achieve success. The Dreaming Show’s main focus is empower people to reach their dreams in Life. One of Gaby’s philosophies is Don’t Allow Anyone To Stop Your Dreams.