6 Dating Ideas That Don’t Break the Budget

By Renee Slansky

6 Dating Ideas That Won't Break The Budget By Renee Slansky
Who said you needed to break the bank to have fun with your partner? Photo Source: Dollar Photo Club
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Need some budget dating ideas?

The weekend is fast approaching and your head and wallet is already starting to hurt thinking about how much money you and your new beau will have to spend on a date night! But before you consider whipping out the credit card or selling your right arm, have a look at 6 options that won’t leave cobwebs in your wallet:


6 Dating Ideas That Don’t Break the Budget:


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1. Explore The Outdoors

If you are lucky enough to be in summertime right now then you really have no excuse not to get your walking shoes on and discover new horizons (literally). You don’t necessarily have to be an adventurous type or overly fit to make the most of the outdoors, but rather it’s about making the most of your surroundings and discovering new territories together to build memories and have fun.

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2: Get Cosy With a Homemade Dinner

Who said cooking has to be boring?! Why not spice up a regular night at home by taking it to the next level and converting it into a date night right inside your own home! Whether you want to theme it up, add candles and flowers or simply have a cool indoor picnic on your lunge room floor, the possibilities are as limited as your imagination (or fridge contents). If you’re not the next Masterchef then homemade pizzas are usually always a win plus they are under budget!

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3: Enjoy a Picnic In The Sunshine.

It’s such a simple, yet effective and romantic way to spend time together and the best part is it won’t break the budget. Make sure you choose a spot that is out of the harsh elements and that you also do a weather check beforehand. Go the extra mile and bring real wine glasses and plates with cutlery rather than just the plastic and paper ones you want to throw away. Turn your picnic into an experience rather than just your average rug-on-the -grass- with-chicken-in-bread saga.


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4: Join a Group!

They say three is a crowd, but when you add multiple people it’s a party! Have a look in your local paper or google what sort pf community/ leisure or lifestyle groups are around in your area. Most of the time they are free to join and you can pick which events you want to attend. It’s a great way to meet new people and couples as well as do something different that doesn’t cost a bomb!


5: Check Out Your Local Paper

You may be surprised to see that you have a world of budget opportunity right there in your neighbourhood. Lots of the time community newspapers and noticeboards will post up events on their social calendars which can include things like: art exhibitions, fetes, bushwalks and music festivals or markets. So get savvy and go and buy a newspaper (it will be the best $2 investment you’ll make!)


6: Get Your Sport On!

This is for the people that love to sweat a little, whether it’s having a hit of tennis, hiring a canoe or perhaps doing an outdoor fitness class, there are plenty of cheap options for a date that’s full of fun.  So what are you waiting for? Never underestimate the importance of spending quality time with one another or nurturing the romance in your relationship, where there is a will there is a budget way!


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